About Us Alarm Permits

AlarmPermit.com was created to help you more easily find the information you need to legally install an alarm at your home or business. 

Don’t get stuck paying a fine. 
Many people are not even aware that they may need a permit in order to use a building alarm system—and they find out too late when a false alarm occurs and they are stuck paying a fine.
You most likely need a permit.
Since many of the alarms that go off every year are false alarms, municipalities offset the cost of responding by requiring a permit to have a building alarm. If your alarm goes off and you are not permitted, you may be forced to pay a fine.
We want to make it easy to find your permit.
By using AlarmPermit.com, you can easily search and find the permit your town or city requires, along with any instructions for submission and payment. This way, you don’t need to trudge down to the city hall to find your permit—you can find it right here!