1. What is an alarm permit?
Most jurisdictions require home and business alarm users to file and pay for a permit with the local government.  Typically, this is required to off-set the cost of law enforcement’s response to false alarms, which occur frequently.
2. Why do I need an alarm permit to put an alarm on my home?
If your city or specific jurisdiction requires an alarm permit be filed, it is the law. 
3. What is’s connection to my city government?
We have no connection to your city government. We simply act as a conduit to make it easy for you to locate and download the correct permit.
4. Who should I call with questions about my alarm permit?
To answer any questions about your alarm permit, it is always best to reference the alarm permit registration form. This form should have contact information for addressing questions. In most cases, you can also contact your city's Alarm Unit, City Clerk, Police Department, or Finance Office. To answer questions about this site, contact us at [email protected]
5. I don’t see any alarm permits listed in my county or city. 
We are working to get every alarm permit in the U.S. available on this web site—but we are not there yet. If you don’t see any permits for your county or city, we suggest contacting your city’s Alarm Unit, City Clerk, Police Department, or Finance office for information.